Daily (or Almost Daily) Drawing

I'm often asked the question "How can I become a better artist?" Or, "I can't draw anything.  What can I do to get better?"  My answer is always the same.  Practice. Practice. Practice.  Remember when you were learning to ride your bike?  Or learning to walk?  Or for goodness sake, do you remember learning algebra?  All of those things took practice.  Without practicing your craft, there is no way to improve.  Do you think an olympic gymnast can just go out and pull a double-twisting double back and stick it?  Nope.  They train for 30 hours a week to improve their skills.  So, if there is one thing you could focus on to improve your art, I would absolutely recommend for you to draw.  Every. Single. Day.  And it doesn't have to be a lot.  Below is a book I recommend to my students who are seeking to improve.  It is a very small book, and can be carried anywhere you go.  Just bring along a pencil, and you are golden.  Now go on.  Get out there and draw!!

If you are interested in purchasing my book recommendation, may I ask that you click through the link below to Amazon, as I am part of their Affiliate Program, and will receive a percentage of the sale.  This will help to keep me in the business of being creative!